• Marije Passos

EVOO sommelier & Hortulanus

A new year and new collaboration.

So I have been quiet, I know, but besides loving to teach I love to farm and our farm was in serious need of attention. I also took the time to invest a little in some more education in Spain, taking Master Miller and Agronomical courses. Soon more on those as I have very excited news:

EVOOSOMMELIER goes Hortulanus, Toscany!

This luxurious estate is available for private events but also hosting an incredible event where I will be training you alongside some local specialist from tree to bottle. A very unique experience unlike any other trainings available.

So for who?

Max. 14 participants total, being 7 couples or 7 singles.

Dates: 28 September - 4 October 2020

7 days / 6 nights at Hortulanus Luxury Estate

Use of all facilities (infinity pool, jacuzzi, sauna, bicycles, gym etc.)

Full pension (Professional Chef)

Gift: Every person will be gifted 2 liters of Organic Olive Oil from Hortulanus & Courseware

Costs: 1.920 euro p.p. (all in) for a single room and 1.620 euro per person (all in) for a double room.

I will teach you how to harvest olives on this estate (nets, equipment, shaking combs). Learn how to prune and to create the perfectly kept tree. You will learn about different types of olive trees, but mostly about their famous Olivastra olivetree. You will get lectures (yes, very important too) but most of the course will be hands-on. You will visit an organic olive oil mill, get insight into olive oil yields, cost calculations and last but not least you will learn how to bottle the olive oil. A very special part of the course will be about the tasting of olive oil and how to distinguish good from bad olive oil and how to use it in the kitchen.

So if you want to learn olives, this is your chance...it doesn't get much better than this ;-)

For more information about this course and a full overview of the program, e-mail us at emma@hortulanus.it

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