The love of my life, besides my adorable children and amazing husband, is the Passeite grove in Portugal. My olive oil adventures started by taking over the grove from my parents-in-law.


Why does this years harvest taste different? Why does the oil smell weird? With the change of one years harvest to another I decided to study about olive oil and fell in love. It is as complex or even more then winemaking. The making of olive oil is an art, regonizing good olive oil takes practise and skills. After all my studies I felt eager to teach others. Especially to support honest farmers who dedicate their lives on creating the perfectly green gold. 


By teaching I want:


  • Awareness of fraude and dishonest competition in the retail market;

  • Helping you with your selection of more healthy products;

  • Offering a platform for honest farmers;

  • Making restaurants more succesfull by helping selecting the best olive oils;

  • Sharing knowledge and information to help the olive oil industry.


I continiously search for new flavours, varieties and stories behind olive oils. My expertise and preference is mostly in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.


About the workshops
Learning about production and harvest.
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Taste like an expert, sensory analyses.
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Using olive oil in your kitchen.


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